Environmental Activities

ISO Certification

Establishing and maintaining an environmental
management system that meets global standards

ISO 14001 certification is awarded to companies that meet the international standard for environmental management systems designed to minimize the impact of their activities, whether they be manufacturing products or the provision of services, have on the global environment.
AS ONE has received ISO 14001 certification for its Osaka Headquarters, Tokyo Office, and logistics centers in Osaka and Tokyo. We continuously work to build systems that minimize our environmental footprint in line with our environmental policy and objectives as we implement global-standard environmental initiatives.

Science Forest

Protecting greenery for the future

We use proceeds from catalog recycling for forest revitalization projects.
Working in cooperation with the non-profit Environmental Relations Research Institute, we planted 450 trees at the “Science Forest” in Osaki city, Miyagi prefecture in 2015. The Science Forest sign at this site includes the names of the primary dealers that helped collect used catalogs.

Catalog Recycling

Recycling programs that no other company can duplicate

Catalog recycling is one way in which AS ONE is playing its part in protecting the global environment for future generations.
When we publish a new catalog, we encourage our customers to return their old catalogs to us for processing at a paper mill and reuse as paper, packaging materials, or fuel. Our customers welcome this opportunity to do something that is good for the environment.

Sale of Plant-based Polyethylene Products

Saving the environment with bioplastic products

We started selling environmentally friendly disposable gloves and aprons made of 25% biomass polyethylene derived from sugar cane. Use of this renewable resource helps us reduce carbon emissions.

Promoting Use of LED Lights

Cutting both CO2 and costs

We switched to LED lights at the Osaka Logistics Center.

Environmentally Responsible Packaging

Delivering merchandise without creating waste

AS ONE uses simple packaging with no cushioning materials in order to eliminate the use of excessive packaging. This protects the environment by using resources effectively and lowers the volume of materials that need to be discarded after merchandise is delivered to a customer.