Management Philosophy & Vision

Management Philosophy

Innovation and Creation
Continually solving new challenges for a better future

AS ONE's philosophy of 'Innovation and Creation' is rooted in our tenacity to develop transformative product, value and system that provide solutions for our customers. Therefore, we seek for new challenging market environments and value uniqueness as it allows us to innovate and create something that is original.


AS ONE specializes on all scientific and medical industries. We aim to be a company that contributes to a better society by providing products, services and information that allow our customers to undertake and achieve their goals.

Our Company Name

Our company name "AS ONE" represents our value of unity. Amidst the ever-changing environment, we strive together with our customers, distributors and suppliers to tackle unprecedent challenges. With compassion and cooperation with our partners, we are nurturing the value of unity.

Our Logo

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Our company logo is based on the letter of "A" in "AS ONE". The "A" is slanted and risen firmly to symbolize a crest of wave. A wave that will be the catalyst of a new era.
The corporate color of red reflects our passion to innovate and green signifies our desire to create. Combined, our logo represents "Innovation and Creation" undertaken with all our partners "AS ONE".