Scientific Instruments

Supporting the rapid progress of research and development as a unique corporation handling multi-model small quantity physical / chemical science instruments in large volumes

Scientific instruments are truly the foundation stone of AS ONE . Since we began to publish our catalog for research with a focus on the importance of these as a means marketing and securing the future potential of physical / chemical science instruments made of plastic in the early 1960s, Japan’s era of high economic growth, we have continued to expand our range and lead a unique existence in the industry, thus supporting the rapid progress of research and development.

Complete product lineup to support Japan's R&D

  • Universal instruments / measuring instruments

    Universal instruments / measuring instruments

    Our large range covers temperature / humidity control and measuring / surveying instruments as well as universal products used for cooling, heating, mixing, absorption, pressurization and conveyance, the essentials of experimentation and research.

  • Cultivation, separation, analysis

    Cultivation, separation, analysis

    We have a vast range of microscopes, glass slides, and tissue culture products essential for biotechnology, magnifying glasses indispensable for precision work, plus filters and dispensing devices required for analysis technology.

  • Equipment / storage / conveyance

    Equipment / storage / conveyance

    We have a range of equipment indispensable for research facilities, including experimental platforms, fume hoods, and pharmaceutical depositories, along with storage equipment, wagons, laboratory chairs and conveyance equipment.

  • Vessels / containers

    Vessels / containers

    We have a range of containers required for storage or preservation of samples, reagents, materials and so on, in a diverse variety of materials including glass, plastic, metal and more. We also have special containers designed for heat retention or freeze preservation.

  • Necessities for experiments

    Necessities for experiments

    Numerous items available including glass or plastic beakers, flask indispensable for experiments, hoses, tubes, joints needed for laboratory work, plus paper products such as tapes and labels.

  • Equipment for laboratories

    Equipment for laboratories

    Timers, packaging machines, tools, office supplies and more convenient equipment for laboratories.

Growth into increasingly sophisticated advanced fields

For Japan, as a country founded on technology, research and development is the source of our international competitiveness. As globalization progresses, the roles played by research and development / technology development are becoming ever more vital. AS ONE is contributing to the growth of Japanese industry by providing with efficiency a vast range of products for the researchers and engineers engaged in these roles for Japanese industrial technology.
Advanced fields such as biotechnology and nanotechnology are increasingly becoming more sophisticated. As a commercial firm we are striving with our customers to open up these fields by specializing in a wide product lineup and meeting demands for technological innovation and greater sophistication / diversity.