Approach to Specialized Fields

Taking strides into new fields using AS ONE's strengths in its vast and specialized product range

Far from just wholesaling physical / chemical science instruments, AS ONE provides high added value products to multiple specialized fields through greater sophistication and segmentation. The company is forging new markets with rapid growth cycles, like research equipment and instruments, semiconductor products, food hygiene testing equipment, devices for fine particles, and more.

Engaging with the specialization, sophistication and segmentation of new fields

Specialization, sophistication and segmentation continues to grow in research and development, technology development and production technology for specialized fields like high technology and nanotechnology in the semiconductor industry and biotechnology or nano-bio in biochemical fields. Our approach to these fields requires specialized knowledge and technical knowledge as well as our lineup of high value-added products.
To gain growth and room for scalability in these new and specialized fields, AS ONE has formed special teams to handle each product and field and build up our knowhow. We are concentrating our strengths on developing these new fields, increasing our specialization, promoting product sales, exploring new products and planning original items.

Bio-Related Equipment

Biological and life science research is constantly evolving as evidenced by drug discovery and regenerative medicine. We strive to be the first to provide those sites conducting the latest research and development with products such as reagents, culture instruments, storage equipment and consumable supplies. In addition to well-known brand name products from Japan and abroad, we also offer products with high specifications not available in other companies, supporting sophisticated and various needs.

Food Inspection Equipment

There are food poisoning accidents that continue to pose a threat. As consumers become more concerned about what they eat, there is a pressing need for food related companies, regardless of their size, to ensure that they provide an environment that meets high sanitary requirements, such as when following a HACCP system. We provide equipment and consumable supplies, summarized in the SANIFOODS catalog, which support everything from food development to quality control and health management. This catalog can be used like a textbook, presenting those products that the customer needs when trying to reinforce safety measures.

Research Equipment

Conducting research can produce gases and organisms that are harmful to the body, and this risk is inherent in research. AS ONE provides total coordination for the best R&D environment from the planning and integration of research equipment to maintenance, repositioning, and modification, while also taking into consideration completeness, research efficiency and economic efficiency. We provide user-friendly research labs with a wide variety of products that meet installation requirements, such as fume hoods, lab tables and pharmaceutical control safety cabinet systems.


ASPURE is our original brand that was developed to only provide genuinely high quality products that take into account anti-static measures and cleanroom environments for various applications.
We have a complete product lineup to offer the necessary work instruments in manufacturing processes that require a certain level of cleanliness and anti-static measures, for example, gloves, outerwear and wrist straps that ensure work performance as well as countermeasures against dust contamination and static electricity.