Product Strategy

Greatest product lineup in the industry

  • Suppliers: More than 3,700companies

Strong procurement capabilities with a long-proven performance

Our product lineup helps us lead the industry by a large margin and it is only because of the support and cooperation from our 3,700 plus suppliers both in Japan and abroad. We use customer feedback from our sales locations and customer service center, etc., to ensure our catalog is not just inclusive but unique and inspiring, introducing products from overseas to embrace a global perspective, as well as our own original products and well-known manufacturers.

  • Nation-wide sales network: 11,000locations

Providing quick support with catalogs

We try to be the first to make products available to our customers, providing 70,000 products both large and small in our paper-based catalogs, and also offering more than 1 million products via e-commerce. We provide goods, information and services to research labs and hospitals using our network with 11,000 sales locations throughout Japan.

  • Figure: product development cycle

We have a history of focusing on research instruments used in physical science and chemistry, and we have used this expertise that we developed to expand the scope of our products and fields of business. Our distinctive product lineup features standard products from well-known manufacturers as well as products with our own brand name, and this portfolio is created from our continuous commitment to satisfy the customer.

A product lineup fixed on growth areas to meet market trends and needs

  • Scientific Instruments, Industrial Instruments, Hospital / Nursing Instruments, Bio-Related Equipment, Food Inspection Equipment, Research Equipment, Cleanrooms

    3 fields of business driven by specialized fields

Fields of business

Scientific instruments for university or corporate research institutes are a core field AS ONE is involved in. Our business is expanding with our advance efforts for multiple products in small production quantities, accurately matched to the diversifying and segmenting demands of researcher.

The industrial instruments field is geared toward production lines in the various types of factories that form the core of Japanese manufacturing. We offer a full range of products with high quality to support contemporary production technologies in the highest levels of chemicals, electronics, semiconductors and more.

The field of hospital and nursing components is another of AS ONE ’s primary fields, along with research and industrial instruments. Our desire is to realize a selection of products giving comprehensive support to nursing and care based on the core concept of “products designed for the user.”

Approach to Specialized Fields

AS ONE uses its wide range of products and expertise to continue to push the envelope in new fields.