Industrial Instruments

AS ONE's field expands still farther: from research instruments to industrial instruments

Grounded in our proven track record of over thirty years with our general research catalog, we have moved into the field of industrial equipment to meet the actual circumstances of the evolving production front lines. We provide high-quality instruments, supplies and consumables supporting high-level production technology for chemicals, electronics and semiconductors.

  • Industrial Instruments

AS ONE's product lineup in support of high-level production technology

  • Dehumidifying storage

    Dehumidifying storage

    Required to store precision instruments and parts in a dehumidified environment.

  • Storage / organization / conveyance

    Storage / organization / conveyance

    We have a range of equipment for organization, conveyance, etc.

  • Washing / sterilization / cleaning

    Washing / sterilization / cleaning

    We have a range of equipment for sterilization / disinfecting and cleaning, including ultrasonic cleaners for washing / drying, detergents and drying tools.

  • Testers for ensuring safety or the environment

    Testers for ensuring safety or the environment

    Including glasses, masks and gloves necessary to secure a safe environment, we have a range of products for environmental testing, equipment in case of a chemical accident, and signs or marking items.

  • Semiconductors / clean environment products

    Semiconductors / clean environment products

    Our range includes tools and containers used in clean rooms, dust-proof and anti-static products such as clean room clothes and mats indispensable for production of semiconductors, electronic components or precision manufacturing.

Every effort to support rising needs for food safety and clean environments

As Japan's technological capabilities and research and development advances towards ever-increasing sophistication, these techniques are incorporated into production lines and are leading to the growth of industry. This shows the progress of increasing precision and refinement. AS ONE offers a well-timed supply of high-quality products supporting dust-free, anti-static environments like clean rooms, helping to increase the level of the production front lines. In the food industry too, the need to provide highly sanitary environments along the HACCP lines is rising with the greater concern over food safety by consumers. AS ONE supports the food industry with its range of products necessary to secure quality control and safety for food.