President's Message

  • President Takuji Iuchi

Pioneering The Future By Pursuing Customer Satisfaction

AS ONE, as a comprehensive commercial firm specializing in instruments for the physical and chemical sciences, has grown alongside the ever-evolving progress of technology realized by Japan as a scientific technology-oriented country.

We have honed our business model of providing even a single beaker in the fastest possible time, presenting a broad range of instruments through our catalogs. This is achieved by following our business cycle of constant innovation to create new mechanisms based on our customer-focused approach (in pursuit of customer satisfaction) as evinced by the phrase “the required product at the required time in the required quantity.”

Our fields of operations are many: scientific instruments providing a comprehensive supply of research instruments and consumables for use in laboratories; industrial instruments supplying dust-proof gloves and tools for industrial facilities and so on in sectors such as electronics; and, looking swiftly ahead to Japan’s aging population, hospital / nursing instruments providing supplies for use primarily by nurses. We are also involved in highly specialized areas carefully pinpointed from among these fields, including research devices and food bacteria testing.

The contemporary situation shows us an increasingly tough business environment, inclusive of development rivalry as well as intensifying global competition. Scientific technology is heading towards a new revolutionary age incorporating nanotechnology, biotechnology, regenerative medicine and more. AS ONE is enhancing its sophistication and diversity to match the dizzying pace of change in society with the value it demands.

Our company intends to explore new fields under our management philosophy of Innovation and Creation to divine the increasingly sophisticated and diversifying needs of our customers and provide the products and services to fulfill these needs.

We look forward to your patronage and support.

AS ONE Corporation
President Takuji Iuchi