Distribution Strategy

Three logistics sites to cover all of Japan and realize multiple models in small quantities / quick delivery

The foundation of AS ONE’s logistics strategy is quick deliveries. Our three logistics centers in Japan use IT to the full to realize a logistics system at the very highest level of the industry.

  • Figure: Realizing multiple models in small quantities / quick delivery

A logistics system at the highest level of the industry

AS ONE ensures a quick delivery nationwide through its three domestic logistics centers. The servers in these centers are linked to the host computer at our headquarters to select the most effective shipment method and give finely-tuned control to the product inventory.
AS ONE aspires to be second to none in logistics, providing logistics not only efficient but also with high added value.

What you need, only how much you need, when you need it.

Our quick delivery system allows us to provide "what you need when you need it." We can complete shipment in as little as twenty minutes after receiving shipment instructions thanks to our core system. Our advanced inventory control system allows us to achieve 95% same-day shipment by leading the industry convincingly in the number of available items and the inventory level. In addition, AS ONE sells a wide range of products with free shipping, like a retailer, even for 1 product. There is no need for dealers to hold inventory. The customer can order from AS ONE only as needed, thereby eliminating any need to manage troublesome inventory.

  • Figure: Quick delivery using advanced IT-based inventory control

AS ONE’s logistics strategy: integrated with our information systems

Product management

Quick delivery via our effective line structure

Realizing quick delivery with faster picking work, automated warehousing in pursuit of high precision, and other effective use of the very latest materials handling equipment.


Establishing a same-day shipment system (*1) for orders

We have established a same-day shipment system to dispatch orders on the day they are made from our vast inventory, even for single products, through our extensive information systems.


Shortening the time form orders to shipment and providing assurance

We ship orders in the shortest time possible, on the day they are made (*1). Every effort is made to ensure a system with traceability to give assurance to our customers, inclusive of strict inventory tracking inside the logistics center and during shipment as well as quality control.


Delivery services to minimize the work of our customers

We take care to minimize the work on the part of our customers, for instance with packing by the person individually handling the order (*2). Careful attention is paid to our delivery services, such as having route deliveries by dedicated trucks in certain areas.

  1. Does not apply to orders on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. There are cutoff times for orders able to be shipped / dispatched on the same day according to the dispatching area. Orders past the cutoff times cannot be shipped / dispatched on the same day. There are cases in which orders cannot be shipped / dispatched on the same day due to circumstances such as mistakes on orders, orders for special products (e.g. custom-produced items), traffic conditions, natural disasters and so on.
  2. Limited to certain areas and customers according to the company’s circumstances.