Fields of Business

Always providing customers with what they need quickly.
We create new value refining our unique business model based on three strategies.

Product Strategy

We have a history of focusing on research instruments used in physical science and chemistry, and we have used this expertise that we developed to expand the scope of our products and fields of business. Our distinctive product lineup features standard products from well-known manufacturers as well as products with our own brand name, and this portfolio is created from our continuous commitment to satisfy the customer.

Ours Products

Distribution Strategy

The foundation of our strategy is based on quick delivery and the ability to cover all of Japan from three domestic logistics centers. We have established a first-class logistics system and provide a distribution service with a high level of added value that offers same-day shipping even for small orders.

Information Strategy

Ever since we began issuing catalogs, AS ONE has focused on providing information and we shall continue to reinforce our services using an information strategy that stays one step ahead, for example, by taking advantage of internet technology.