Hospital / Nursing Instruments

Strong support to everyone involved in nursing / care via the concept of “products designed for the user”

We endeavor under the core idea of "being gentle for people and society" to form a product selection comprehensively supporting people in nursing / care workplaces, from products for use by nurses who carry the weight of Japanese medical treatment, to products to cope with Japan's aging population. AS ONE 's in-depth focus on the front lines of medicine where people interact drives our expanding range of products.

For nurses supporting the front lines of medicine

The devotion of hardworking nurses bears the weight of medical treatment in the front lines in Japan, which proudly holds the highest level of such treatment worldwide. AS ONE again has a full range of products for nurses to use. Our lineup covers products to wear such as white gowns, masks and gloves, a rack system to be installed in the nurses station, as well as various products, supplies and equipment required for hospital nursing or care. We are also striving to ensure a full range of equipment to meet the rising concern over in-hospital infections, including various sterilizers and sterilization lockers.
Further, as the medical workplace is modernized, we are also involved in proposing item management systems to ensure smooth handover of pharmaceuticals and various consumables with a 24-hour system.

Product expansion focused on needs for care

With Japan's rapidly aging population and increasing concern to have persons with disabilities participate in society, the care and welfare market is shifting from a growth to a mature market, and products for it need to provide functions to improve QOL (quality of life) and value-added services. AS ONE is using its knowhow gained in supplying products to hospitals and nursing homes to rapidly expand products for the care field. We have strengthened our lineup to include care cars and beds to bathing and sanitary products, working to supply comfortable and easy to use products. We are working to build our product expansion capabilities based on our Navis brand, focusing on the concept of “products designed for the user.”

Creating products supporting an aging society

The situation for medical facilities is becoming increasingly severe with revisions to the medical system and evaluations of hospital functions. At the same time, Japan is facing a globally unprecedented super-aging population, with the roles of medical facilities and nursing homes becoming ever more important. Our company gives support to enable the nurses and care givers working in the front lines of medicine to provide better treatment for their patients. We are striving to listen carefully to our customers to provide products truly of use and attention to care.