Information Strategy

Expanding information network services utilizing fast and precise IT

Since beginning to publish its catalogs, AS ONE places a premium on making information available, undertaking to enhance it services through information strategies one step ahead of our competition through utilizing Internet technology and other means.

  • Figure: information strategies utilizing Internet technology

Offering better convenience for customers using our new product search system AXEL

Ever since we began issuing catalogs, AS ONE has focused on providing information and we have taken full advantage of the rapidly evolving IT and constructed a strategic IT system to ensure better service. Virtual information is used across the board in order to provide advanced service that is tied to our physical distribution.

  • Total products in web catalog 1 million

Everything available from scientific instruments and consumable supplies for research to factory MRO, hospital and nursing instruments

Upgrading from a paper-based catalog (70,000 items) to a web based catalog (1 million items) has helped not only research labs but hospitals and nursing facilities eliminate the troublesome tasks when procuring consumable supplies and equipment.

Innovative search function for finding products faster

Only AS ONE offers search capability with filters for product characteristics. Even with 1 million items, customers can quickly find the product they are looking for.

Information systems designed for user convenience

Always releasing the latest information

The advantage of the internet is instant access to information. The content can be updated daily, providing information quickly, which was not possible using catalogs.

ai-com web allows you to check inventory in real-time

AS ONE ’s information communication system has a network covering every operation in sales and inventory management, from stock acquisition to orders and shipment, realizing a speedy and accurate system. It can function as a communication tool for dealers and suppliers via the Internet.

“ocean”: an online purchasing site for companies

“ocean” is an online purchasing site adaptable to the various purchasing styles of each user company. It accommodates itself on demand to the purchasing style of each company, inclusive of inventory checks, product purchasing functions, specification of purchasing dealer, and detailed invoicing data. It is interlinked to AS ONE ’s logistics system to shorten the lead time to delivery and helps to lighten company purchasing operations while also speeding them up.