Social Contribution Activities

AS ONE Children’s Science Laboratory

Activities to develop the skills of children

On August 1, 2018, as part of its social contribution activities, AS ONE hosted the Children’s Science Laboratory at the summer science event held at King Skyfront, Kawasaki City’s open innovation hub for life and environmental science.
AS ONE’s nearby Tonomachi Solution Research Laboratory provided 27 children with an opportunity to have fun with science by teaching them how to make magnetic slime.

Employee Relations

A pleasant workplace environment for everyone

The AS ONE annual job satisfaction survey reveals that employee satisfaction is higher than in other companies in the industry. In particular, the attrition rate is only 2.4% during the first three years of employment, far below the average 31.8% attrition rate (according to a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare survey).

Dedicated to a Sustainable Society

Continuous contribution to the SDGs through the supply of R&D instruments

AS ONE plays an important role in achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by supporting research and development activities in many fields as a supplier of scientific instruments and other equipment.

Support for Women in the Workplace

Offering various programs designed to make workplaces women-friendly

AS ONE has a number of programs aimed at creating a women-friendly work environment and helping women reach professional success. A welcome-back program allows employees who had resigned to care for a child, parent or other family member to return. AS ONE also offers flexible work arrangements for pregnant employees, extended child care leave until the employee’s child becomes two years old, a child care mentor system, and reduced work hours for employees with a child, up to the second grade.

Creating Opportunities for SMEs

Supporting small and
midsize companies, key
players for economic growth

AS ONE is helping small and midsize companies to grow as it expands the horizon of business opportunities. We use catalogs and the Internet to sell scientific instruments and other equipment supplied by roughly 3,200 suppliers, that include small, midsize and micro enterprises, around the world. At the same time, we provide about 4,000 dealers in Japan, including small, midsize and micro enterprises, with an opportunity to sell a broad range of products from overseas suppliers.

Streamlining Distribution

Serving as a wholesaler
to reduce social costs

Connecting roughly 3,200 suppliers and 11,000 dealers in Japan, AS ONE makes transactions and distribution simple to reduce the cost to society as a whole.


Guidelines and systems ensuring
fair and sound business practices

AS ONE’s corporate code of conduct, code of ethics,and compliance manual provide a solid foundation for fair and sound business activities.

The Hatachi Fund

Support for children impacted by
natural disasters

We encourage shareholders to donate their shareholder benefits to social welfare organizations. Shareholders can either choose to make a donation in lieu of receiving benefits or donate the value of their unused benefits.
We have been making donations to the Hatachi Fund since the fiscal year ended March 2014. This fund provides support for infants who were affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake until they reach the age of 20 (or “hatachi” in Japanese). Four hundred and fourteen shareholders donated their
September 2018 benefits for a total of ¥1,620,000.